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Worst ever January for Canary Islands tourist accommodation.

January 2021 was the worst January on record for tourist accommodation in the Canary Islands.

The lastest accommodation report makes for bleak reading.

Overall occupancy for January 2021 was just 19.05% on the Islands.  That was down 61.1% v January 2020. 

January 2020 was a normal month for the Canary Islands, with an occupancy of 80.18%.  Covid19 worries had not really hit the Canary Islands at this time.

Hotels had occupancy of 19.32% in January 2021.  That was down 61.8% v January 2020. 

Apartments had occupancy of 18.32% in January 2020.   That was down 59.9% v January 2020. 

The average daily price for a Hotel room in January 2021 was €77.89.  That was 13% less than January 2020.

The average daily price for an Apartment in January 2021 was €52.52.  That was 19.3% less than January 2020.

Total tourist accommodation revenue came to €36 million in January 2021.  In January 2020, total tourist accommodation was €384 million.

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