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Who visited Tenerife in 2020 and what are the numbers behind the visits?

2020 was a tough year for Canary Islands tourism but 4,361,803 tourists still visited the Islands. 


Tenerife is the most popular island for tourists.  How did the island do in 2020?

Total visitors to Tenerife in 2020.


1,857,410 tourists visited Tenerife in 2020.  Tenerife was the most popular of all the islands with 41.2% of all visits to the Canary Islands. 

TOP 5 visitors by Country.


Tourists from the UK were the most significant visitors, with 31.6% of all visitors. 


The average length of holiday by day. 


The average daily spend per tourist. 



% of people booking a package holiday. 


41.2% of tourists visiting Tenerife book a package holiday. 




Repeat visitors by country. 



Where did they visit?


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