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Who is in charge? The government or the judges? Chaos in the Canaries.

There seems to have been a breakdown in the relationship between the legislative body and the judiciary in the Canary Islands. 


The relationship has been on different paths since the superior and supreme courts rejected the government request to have a curfew on islands on level 3 or more. 


The regional government had to get the courts permission to have curfews after the Spanish state of alert ended in May. 


Last Monday, the island’s government introduced a system where people entering indoor hospitality required a covid cert at level 4.


On Thursday, the superior court suspended this.  They ruled that personal medical information should not be used in this way. 


On Wednesday, the Spanish health minister said there was no legal basis to use Covid certs this way. 


The superior court also raised questions about the Canary Islands government power to restrict hospitality opening hours. 


There now seems to be a serious rift between Government and the Courts. 


The Government said all rules should stay until they decide to appeal last Thursday’s suspension.  Many others feel the court’s suspension comes into effect immediately.

So how is this affecting things on the ground?


On Friday night in Las Palmas, many bars stayed open after the midnight level 3 closing time. 


Some police said they had to close, and some police said they were within their rights to stay open until their regular licence time said. 


If fairness to the police, they seemed as confused as everyone else.  


On Saturday police called to bars to tell them they had to close at the appropriate restriction level time that night.  In the case of Gran Canaria, it was midnight. 

The short term issue for bars is who do they follow until the government appeal.  The police who will call to your premises or the superior court. 


For now, the government and courts seem in open conflict and it is causing a lot of confusion for businesses. 

One thought on “Who is in charge? The government or the judges? Chaos in the Canaries.

  1. In Tenerife atm, bars were open till 4 last night so I’d say they’re following the Superior Court. Didn’t see one police officer out and about so doesn’t look like the closing times are being enforced

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