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Who are the richest visitors to the Canary Islands?

Richest visitors Canary Islands.

Of all the countries that visit the Canary Islands, who are the most valuable tourists for the islands?

Do the richest nations spend the most on holidays or do those that earn less spend the most on holidays?  

Visitors to Canary Islands earning more than 75,000 Euro per household.

Richest visitors Canary Islands

Switzerland is the richest country with almost half of Swiss visitors earning €75,000 or more per household per year.   The Nordic counties make up the next four with households earning €75,000 Denmark tops this group at 44% and Sweden the lowest of the Nordics at 28%

Ireland is in fifth place with 27%.  The United Kingdom accounts for almost 1 in every 3 visitors to the Canary Islands has to settle for 7th place on the rich list. 

Switzerland 49%.

Denmark 44%

Norway 42%.

Finland 31%

Sweden 28%.

Ireland 27%

Germany 25%.

The United Kingdom 23%.

The Netherlands 19%.

Belgium 17%.

France 17%.

Italy 16%.

Spend per tourist per visit

The Swiss have it, and it looks like they also spend it on holidays.  They again top the charts when it comes to spending per tourist per visit.  The Danes the number 2 on the rich list drop to number 5 when it comes to spend per visit. The Finns the 4th on the rich list are the 2nd biggest spenders per visit. 

Switzerland €1,471.

Finland €1439

Norway €1,366.

Sweden €1,276.

Germany €1,276.

Denmark €1,248

Belgium €1,195.

Ireland €1,139.

The Netherlands €1,133.

The United Kingdom €1,105.

France €1,095.

Italy €974

Spend per tourist per day

A fairest way to look at the list is to see the daily spend.  That is because some countries may spend less per visit as they stay less time on holiday.

The Finns push the Swiss off the number 1 spot by spending €2 more per day.  Maybe having that extra beer each day helped gain the number 1 position?

The Irish make the top 5 over the Norwegians.  The UK is in 7th place.   Germany and the Netherlands are in the bottom 3 of daily spenders. 

Finland €173.00

Switzerland €171.00.

Denmark €160.80.

Sweden €148.40.

Ireland €141.50.

Norway €141.50.

The United kingdom €141.30.

Belgium €138.90

France €137.20.

Germany €132.30.

The Netherlands  €132.20.

Italy €118.30.

Average lenght of holiday by country

The Norwegians only made number 6 in the daily spend, but they stay the longest.  Germans stay the second-longest.   

People from the UK stay the 2nd lowest amount of time on holidays in the Canary Islands. 

The Danes are the second richest tourist on the list but stay the least amount of time on holidays.  

Norway 11.26 days.

Germany 10.71 days.

Belgium 10.16 days.

Switzerland 9.88 days.

Italy 9.80 days. 

Finland 9.56 days.

Sweden 9.52 days.

Netherlands 9.30 days. 

Ireland 8.92 days.

France 8.51 days.

The UK 8.46 days.

Denmark 8.24 days. 

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