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Which tourists are the Canary Islands, big spenders?

Canary Islands big spenders.

2020 has been a challenging year for tourism worldwide.   As the Canary Islands are more dependent on tourism than most areas, COVID 19 has had a devasting effect on the economy of the islands. 

International visitors to the Canary Islands have fallen off a cliff so far this year, but some tourists did arrive.  Who are they and who are the big spenders?

The latest tourist reports are in for the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Canary Islands big spenders.

Average daily spend by tourists for the period Jul/Aug/Sept 2020.

Average for all tourists €119.10. Down €29.80 v same period 2019.

France €142.90.  Down €8.40 v same period 2019. 

Belgium €137.60.  Down €12.70 v same period 2019. 

Switzerland €132.40. Down €49.20 v same period 2019. 

Germany €131.40. Down €8.50 v same period 2019. 

The Netherlands €124.80. Down €14.30 v same period 2019. 

The UK €114.40. Down €39.60 v same period 2019. 

Spanish mainland €113.10. Down €37.70 v same period 2019. 

Ireland €111.60. Down €38.50 v same period 2019. 

Italy €97.00. Down €37.00 v same period 2019. 

Nordics €84.40.  Down €55.30 v same period 2019. 

The big-spending tourists in the Canary Islands in Jul/Aug/Sept were the French.  They spent, on average  €142.90 per day. 

It might be surprising to many to see the Nordics down the end of our list of big spenders. They spent, on average €84.40. Not many Nordics visited the Canary Islands during the summer of 2020. 

All countries spent less than in the same period in 2019.  This may be because costs were lower as businesses on the islands discounted more this year.

Canary Islands big spenders.

Overall spending by € million Jul/Aug/Sept.

Spanish mainland €255 million. 

Germany €171 million.

The UK €124 million. 

Belgium €50 million. 

France €44 million. 

The Netherlands €36 million.

Italy €33 million. 

Ireland €15 million.

Switzerland €13 million. 

Nordics €4 million

In terms of overall spending, Spanish mainland visitors were the most important tourist in the 3rd quarter spending €255 million.

For International visitors Germany had the highest overall spend €171 million followed by the UK at €124 million.

Spending by tourist per trip third quarter of 2020 Jul/Aug/Sept.

Fuerteventura €1,263. Gran Canaria €1,090. Lanzarote €1,089. Tenerife €941. La Palma €954.

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