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What restriction Level is your island on and what are the restrictions.

Covid Restriction Level

Island Level
Tenerife 2
Lanzarote 2
Gran Canaria 1
El Hierro 1
Fuerteventura 1
La Palma 1
La Gomera 1

Covid Restrictions by level

Restrictions Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Restrictions on entering and leaving the Island. No No No No
Curfew No No No No
Public gatherings. Max 10 Max 6 Max 4 Max 2
Gatherings in Bars/Restaurants. Max 6. Must be closed by 00:00 Max 4. Must be closed by 00:00 Max 4. 50% of outside terrace. No inside. Must be closed by 22:00 Max 2. No inside. Must be closed by 18:00.
Sport facilitates. Open. Max of 6 per group Open. Max of 4 per group. Closed Closed
Public Transport. Normal service 50% capiticy 50% capiticy 50% capiticy
Markets Outside only Closed Closed Closed
Outdoor events No No No No
Night clubs Closed Closed Closed Closed


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