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UK Health Minister wants to get rid of PCR tests for travellers.

The UK health secretary speaking on Sky News this morning had said he wants to remove the PCR test requirement for travellers returning from some foreign countries as soon as he possibly can.


Sajid Javid said he was aware of the cost for families and that the measure should not be in place for a second longer than is absolutely necessary. 


He said he had asked officials to remove the rule at the first moment we could.  


Currently, passengers returning from green list countries or amber list destinations if they are fully vaccinated must take PCR tests on or before day two after they arrive in England.


Reports are saying this could happen on October the 01st. 


Other UK press reports today are saying green and amber lists could go and be replaced by rules based on your vaccination status.   The red list will remain.


There is another scheduled traffic light review this week.  There may be limited or no changes as it may be the last review before the traffic light system is scrapped soon. 




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