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UK Double jabbed proposal and upcoming key dates for UK travel.

Reports from UK ministers say double jabbed vaccine UK tourists may be allowed to travel to amber countries without having to quarantine on return to the UK.


It has been confirmed that the proposal is now being discussed within the UK Government.


A vaccine passport may be introduced to all fully vaccinated people to travel with the quarantine restriction. 


The Department for Transport has been told to draw up a paper on the proposals.   This is expected by June 28th.  June the 28th is the date pencilled in for an overall review of the traffic light system.


Key dates coming up. 


24th of June.


The next traffic light system review.  No major changes are expected next week.  Some counties may come off the Red list.  There may be some minor additions to the green list, but nothing substantial is expected. 


28th of June.

Overall review of how the traffic light system.  This is when the new double jabbed proposal may be discussed.  If agreed it may not come into force for a number of weeks.


15th of July.


Regular traffic light review.  This will happen 4 days before the recently cancelled freedom date in the UK, which is now due on the 19th of July. 


Would the UK relax international travel a few days before freedom day in the UK?   Maybe they could do both as confirmation of freedom day would have to be confirmed before the 19th of July. 


Further additions to the Green list will be the least expected if Covid rates continue to drop in various countries.


05th of August.

Regular update of the traffic light system.  Hopefully, most of Europe and other holiday destinations will be green by then.


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