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The Supreme court says no to the Curfew.

Last Friday, a report from the Prosecutors Office said there was justification for a curfew for municipalities with high covid rates.  They mentioned a 7-day rate of 154 or higher.


The superior court had earlier rejected the government request for a curfew.  The Government then appealed to the supreme court. 


Today the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the  Supreme court rejected both the government appeal and last Friday’s report from the Prosecutors Office. 


The Supreme court agreed with the Superior court’s assessment of the curfew request.


The proposed limitation of freedom of movement lacks justification in view of the concurrent circumstances on the island of Tenerife, and that said, the restrictive measure was not proportional.


This now looks like the end of the road for the government in their desire for curfew powers for the Canary Islands.



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