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The Superior court rejects the government request for a curfew.

In what is considered a surprise, The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands has rejected the government request for a curfew on level 3 or higher restrictions.


The request had been approved by the court’s Prosecutor’s Office yesterday. 


According to the judgment, the court does not consider that the situation of the pandemic in the Canary Islands is proportionate to the restriction of freedom of movement to prevent public gatherings.  It has not been proven that the situation in which the epidemic is found represents such a serious and imminent danger to health and care capacity that justifies this exception.


Currently, only Tenerife is on level 3, but with rising covid numbers, some other islands could be on level 3 soon.


A Government response is expected.  They do have an option of appealing to the Supreme court. 


Not having a curfew option might force the government hands to move islands to level 4 restrictions if they feel it is needed. 



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