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The Superior Court has ratified its suspension of the use of Covid certs to access indoor hospitality.

The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands has now ratified its suspension of allowing Covid certificates to access indoor hospitality. 


The government wanted to restrict access to indoor hospitality only to people fully vaccinated or having a recent negative covid test on islands at level 4 restrictions. 


The court said requiring the vaccination certificate against covid-19 to access establishments open to the public involves segregating those citizens who have lawfully decided not to administer the vaccine. 


The court ruling says that despite the good faith that may preside over the adoption of this measure, the decision of the Canary Islands Government involves a risk that an undetermined number of citizens may be excluded from the enjoyment of all the possibilities that his constitutionally proclaimed freedom affords them by the mere decision not to be vaccinated, lawful since vaccination against covid-19 is voluntary for not undergoing a diagnostic test, the performance of which also involves an economic burden, or for not having had the disease.


The court also annulled recent capacity restrictions capacity on indoor hospitality established in order 251/2021 of July 29.

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