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The Canary Islands superior court suspends agreement for extra hours for clubs.

The Canary Islands superior court has suspended the agreement with the Canary Islands government for extra opening times for nightlife.


Since September the 16th clubs could open one extra hour more than bars if they asked for covid certs/tests for entry.


For example, an island on level 1 restrictions bars can stay one until 3 am.   A club could stay open until 4 am if proof of vaccination or a negative test was provided by customers. 


At level 2 bars can open until 2 am and clubs 3 am under the same restrictions. 


The court states there was a lack of prior judicial authorization for the agreement. 


The court said the requirement to present the Covid certificate, a negative PCR or having passed the disease to be able to enter a nightlife venue, would entail a potential violation of the fundamental rights of the people.


The government has 3 days to respond to the judgment. 

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