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The Canary Islands superior court cancels the use of Covid certs for indoors.

The Canary Islands superior court has suspended the use of Covid certificates for entering hotels/bars/restaurants and gyms indoors at level 4. 


Also suspended are the restrictions setting indoor capacity in the hospitality industry set at 50% for both levels 3 and 4.


The court has said as vaccinations are not mandatory the certificates cannot be used to restrict entry.  


The court also said that the European Court of Human Rights has insisted on the importance of health data for private life, noting that respect for the confidential nature of health information constitutes an essential principle of the legal system of all the States parties to the Convention. 


Yesterday the Spanish minister of health had said there was no legal basis for using covid certs to gain entry to premises.  


This is the latest blow to the government.  Both the Superior court and the supreme court had rejected the government request for a curfew at level 3 and above.

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