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The Canary Islands superior court approves the use of Covid certs for access.

The Canary Islands Superior Court of Justice today approved the government’s proposal to implement the voluntary use of covid certs by businesses. 


Under the proposal, if, for example, a bar or restaurant requests covid certs for access, they can operate at a restriction level one less than their island is currently at.


Fuerteventura is currently at level 3.  If a business operated the voluntary covid cert proposal on that island, then they could operate at level 2.


The proposal was agreed upon by the government and employers on the islands. 


The Courts had previously rejected the government efforts to make the use of covid certs for access mandatory. 


The new measures will come into force from the 10th of December until the 10th of January.


If it were to be extended after this date, it would need approval again by the Courts. 

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