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The Canary Islands could suffer a shortage of various foods from next week.

Spanish truckers began a national strike earlier this week protesting increased fuel prices. 


There have been road and port blockades over the past week in many areas of Spain.  


Fresh produce is the most affected food, and losses to the food industry have been estimated at 600 million euros already.  


The Spanish government is keeping over 23,000 police in reserve, ready to keep the road and port network open. 



The strike could have an immediate effect on the Canary Islands, where 80% of all food consumed enters from mainland Spain. 


Food supplies usually arrive on the Islands from southern Spain on Mondays and Thursdays.  The Monday run had only 15% capacity and Thursday had nothing.


The most affected food, for now, are perishable such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.


If the strike continues, other foodstuffs/materials will also be hit.  




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