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Tenerife Covid RESTRICTIONS.

Update Thursday the 23rd of March. 


Almost all Covid restrictions have now been removed in the Canary Islands.  


The only restriction remaining of interest for tourists is the need to wear masks on public transport and in medical centres.  


Other than those life is back to pre covid normal for now on the islands. 


Enjoy your holiday. 

23 thoughts on “Tenerife Covid RESTRICTIONS.

  1. Thanks for this information. I’d like to know if a test is required when sitting outside of a restaurant to eat – any tips?

  2. i’m planning a journey about since 5 Jenuary to 15 Jenuary … any prediction about other local restrictions in Tenerife?
    i am going to flight from Italy and i’ve entire vaccination cicle.

    Tnx in advance

    1. Hi Marco. Under current restrictions the worse is level 4. You can still go to a bar and restaurant until 1am under level 4 so it is not that bad. The problem is no one knows how this new variant is going to work out in the next weeks or months and if they would make stricter levels. The Spanish Government have called a meeting with regional presidents on Wednesday so we might have a better idea then.

  3. Hi Pat,
    We are booked to come to Tenerife on 2 January 2022, with the main purpose of celebrating our wedding anniversary. This will involve a church service followed by a reception. The number of guests would be around 45. Please could you explain how that might play out with the current and projected restrictions on such gatherings?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi David, I am not 100% sure, but I would think it would follow the hospitality guidelines. Tenerife is currently at level 3, so that is a maximum of 6 people per table. Also, level 3 allows 33% of indoor capacity used. To be honest, from what I see on the ground, many places are ignoring capacity rules. Best to call the place you will have the gathering, and they will know best. Best of luck on the big day. With all that is going on, life here is surprisingly normal.

  4. I am planning on staying 5 nights on Tenerife startring in mid January and flying from and then back to Zurich.

    What are the current documents I would need to provide before being allowed to board the plane to Tenerife?


  5. Travelling on 17Jan for 10 nights los cristianos probably exercise during the day stay in hotel @night all inclusive providing hotel bars don’t close early trying to avoid close contact in bars

  6. I fly out to Tenerife on 8th Feb. Is there a review of restrictions planned before this date? And if so any expectations or it?

    1. They review all the time. Usually on Thursdays. Tenerife is at level 3. It could go to 4 but to be honest, there is not much difference between 3 and 4. Bars/Restaurants are open until 1 am at levels 3 and 4 the way the levels are now.

  7. We are (both fully vacccinated including booster) are scheduled to holiday from 4th to 14 Feb 2022, if either of us contract Covid are we allowed to isolate in our hotel or is there a desigated hotel for this purpose.

  8. Hello,
    So we’re planning to travel to Tenerife on 17th of February until 20th (3 days stay) and we are full vaccinate! Is necessary to do any test to entry in the island or no? we are traveling from UK.

    1. If you are fully vaccinated you don’t need another test. From the 01st of Feb if your vaccinations were done more than 270 days you need to have had a booster shot.

  9. We are planning to travel to Tenerife from Ireland at Easter Break, we are not vaccinated. What are restrictions for us then?

    1. From Ireland and anywhere in the EU if not vaccinated. Negative Diagnostic Test of Active COVID-19 Infection. Antigen tests taken a maximum of 24 hours before arrival in Spain and NAAT tests (PCR, TMA, LAMP) taken a maximum of 72 hours before arrival in Spain will be accepted.

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