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Spanish tourism suffers covid collapse in 2020

Spanish tourism 20202.

Tourists numbers to Spain in 2020 were 18,957,856.  That is down 77% from the 83,509,153 that arrived in 2019. 

Tourist revenue fell from € 91,912 million to € 19,740 million from 2019 to 2020. 

The French were the number one visitor to Spain in 2020. 3,877,619 French visited Spain.  3,173,861 UK visitors arrived and 329,759 Irish. 

The French market held up the best but was still down 65% v 2019.  UK visits dropped by 82% and Irish by 85% in 2019. 

Maybe surprisingly given the covid situation Cataluna was the region in Spain with the most international visitors in 2020. This may be because its location near the number one visitor France in 2020. 

The Canary Islands was the second most visited Spanish region in 2020. 

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