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Spanish Property sales soar above pre-pandemic levels.

Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) say more Spanish residents want to buy a property than rent.


In August, 44% wanted to buy, and 43% wanted to rent. 


Back in February, 40% wanted to buy, and 50% preferred to rent.


In August, 34% of the population had carried out a property transaction – buying, selling or renting – compared with 28% in February and 27% in August 2020.

Inquiries to estate agents are at levels not seen for a decade. 


Because of Covid lockdowns, there is a trend of people looking for more spacious property, with at least a balcony or terrace outside cities. 


August property sales are up 44% on August 2020. 


91,974 homes were sold in August 2021 v 63,771 in August 2020. 

Buyers tend to be 55% women and 45% men.  


The average age of buyers is 40. 


19% of buyers are low to middle-income earners. 

Where are people buying?


Comunidad Valenciana has seen 34% of the adult population participate in the market in September. 


In Catalunya, it was 36%.


Andalucia 33%.


Basque country 26%. 


Sales in the Canary Islands and the Balearic islands have increased slightly in the past 6 months according to the report. 

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