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Spanish hotels September 2020 prices.

Spanish hotels September 2020

The Spanish national institute of statistics today released the latest report on how Spanish hotels have done in September 2020.  As to be expected, the numbers are not great.

The average daily rate charged by hotels in Spain in September 2020 was €73.31.  That was 22.20% less than Sept 2019.

Average daily price for a Hotel by region Sept 2020.

The Canary Islands €90.54.  That was 5.10% less than Sept 2019.

The Balearic islands €95.37. That was 10.18% less than Sept 2019.

Andalucía €79.08. That was 15.47% less than Sept 2019.

Cataluña €75.72. That was 26.43% less than Sept 2019.

Valenciana €72.23. That was 14.14% less than Sept 2019.

Madrid €59.69. That was 41.69% less than Sept 2019.

Hotel room prices fell in the Canary Islands by just over 5% in Sept 2020 v Sept 2019.  It was one of the lowest declines in popular destinations in Spain. Many hotels on the islands closed in September.

Average daily hotel prices fell by over 40% in Madrid in Sept v Sept 2019. 

Spanish hotels September 2020.


The average Hotel occupancy in Spain for September was 26.5%.  That is down 60.5% v Sept 2019.

Average Hotel occupancy by region Sept 2020.

The Canary Islands 26.8%.  

Valenciana 30.3%.

Andalucía 28.2%.

Cataluña 25.4%.

The Balearic islands 25.1%.

Madrid 22%.

Spanish hotels September 2020.

Although international visitors to Spanish hotels fell substantially in September, some did arrive. Where were they from?

International stays at Spanish Hotels in Sept 2020.

France 24% of total international stays.

The UK 14% of total international stays.

Germany 9% of total international stays.

Italy 6% of total international stays.

Portugal 6% of total international stays.

Belgium 5% of total international stays.

The Netherlands 2.5% of total international stays. 

Poland 2.3% of total international stays.

Sweden 1.7% of total international stays.

Ireland 1.4% of total international stays.

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