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Spanish energy saving plan.

Spain is to introduce regulations to help reduce energy consumption.  


The regulations will enter into force on August 10th and will be in force until November 1, 2023.


We have approved the first step regarding savings and efficiency in administrative buildings, commercial and cultural spaces, department stores, and hotels, the Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, stated. 



As published by the BOE on the 01st of August 1st. 


a)  The air temperature in the heated rooms shall not exceed 19 ºC.


b)  The air temperature in the airconditioned rooms will not be less than 27 ºC.


c) The above temperature conditions will refer to maintaining relative humidity between 30% and 70%.


On the other hand, and as described in the reference of the Council of Ministers on Monday, August 1, this regulation will apply to real estate of public administrations; commercial establishments, such as department stores or shopping malls; cultural spaces, such as cinemas or congress centres; or infrastructure intended for the transport of people, such as stations and airports.


The regulations establish the following for the aforementioned buildings:

  • “They will have heating and cooling temperatures limited to 19 and 27 degrees Celsius, respectively; they will have seven days from the publication of the rule to make the limitation effective, which will be in force until October 1, 2023.”
  • “They will display the mandatory saving measures, among other additional ones that reduce consumption, on posters or screens. They will also have seven days to comply, and their validity will be effective until October 1, 2023.”
  • “Before September 30, they must have automatic closures on the access doors to prevent them from being permanently open, resulting in waste due to energy losses abroad.


  • The lighting of the shop windows will have to be turned off from 10:00 p.m. This provision will also apply to public buildings that are unoccupied at that time. Likewise, they will have seven days to comply, and they will have to do so until October 1, 2023 “.
  • “Those properties that have passed the energy efficiency inspection before January 1, 2021, must undergo an extraordinary review before December 31, 2022, so that all buildings with relevant air conditioning consumption have passed an inspection in the last two years.

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