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Spain to make its covid traffic light system less restrictive.

Spain is to make its Covid traffic light system more flexible and less restrictive. 


Currently, the low-risk benchmark is set at under 50 cases per 100,000 people over 14 days, while the high-risk benchmark is set at above 250 cases.


The new low-risk benchmark will be set at 50 to 100 cases per  100,000 people.


The change is to take into account the number of people that are now fully vaccinated. 


What does this mean?  Today Spain has a 14-day covid rate of 82 and is at medium risk.  Under the new system, 82 would drop back to low risk.  


In the new review, the situation is described as under control when less than 2% of all hospital beds and under 5% of intensive care (ICU) beds are occupied by coronavirus patients.


The new guidelines are not mandatory for regions, but most use the national system. 


The director of the Canary Islands health department has said the islands are preparing to tighten Covid restrictions before Christmas.  


No further details are available as of now.  

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