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Spain extends the time needed to take PCR tests to 72 hours before arrival.

Spain has extended the period needed to take a PCR test before arrival from at least 48 hours before arrival to 72 hours. 

The change was published in the official state gazette this Tuesday.

The change comes into effect from the 14th of July.

Antigen tests still need to be done at least 48 hours before arrival.

The travel sector in Spain had lobbied for a more flexible time period for PCR tests.

Click here for info on the Spanish official website. 

Type of tests and timelines.

  1. Molecular nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT ), the sample of which has been obtained within 72 hours before arrival in Spain. (These include RT-PCR tests )
  2. Antigen detection test included in the common list of rapid antigen detection tests for COVID-19, published by the European Commission based on Council Recommendation 2021 / C 24/01 , whose sample has been obtained within 48 hours before arrival in Spain.

    The diagnostic test certificate must include, at least, the following information:
    • Name and surname of the holder.
    • Date of sample collection.
    • Type of test performed.
    • Issuing country.

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