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Spain debates restricting hospitality opening hours to 11 pm at certain covid levels.

The Spanish Public Health Commission today is reviewing today if they will recommend closing hospitality at 11 pm if covid levels are at medium risk and there is high pressure on hospitals. 


The medium covid level being looked at is at 14-day rate of 100 cases per 100,000 people. 


Today La Palma and El Hierro are the only islands with a 14-day rate under 100.  The current covid trend is upwards. 


The hospital system would also need to be under pressure.   Today covid hospital and ICU capacity in the Canary Islands is a normal or low-risk level. 


The document also proposes closing clubs at 1 am under the same circumstances. 

The case of high risk, is when there is an incidence above 300 and the healthcare pressure is even higher, the proposal to be debated states that the interiors of the hospitality industry would not be closed, but could open to 25% capacity, with six people per table but closing at 11:00 pm.


At extreme risk, with an incidence above 500, the interior of the hospitality business would be closed. 


Today, Spain would be at medium risk in terms of the accumulated incidence at 14 days, since it is above 100, but it would not meet the parameters in hospital occupancy, which still stands at 2.33% in the case of hospital beds and 5.70% in ICUs.


The previous covid wave  14-day rate peaked at 509 on the 04th of August in the Canary Islands. 

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