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Spain announces extra measures to assist with inflation costs.

The Spanish government today announced it was to spend 9 billion euros to assist people with high inflation levels.

Some of the key measures announced today.


VAT on electricity is to be reduced from 10% to 5%.


To limit energy consumption, all monthly state transport passes, as is the case of Cercanías de Renfe, will be reduced to 50%, and 30% of those that depend on Autonomous Communities and City Councils, which could extend these reductions to 50%. but without the state subsidy.


The recent reduction of 20 cents in the litre of fuel is to be maintained until the end of the year.


Non-contributory retirement and disability pensions increase by 15%, that is, 60 euros more each month or 360 euros until the end of the year.


The cap on rental prices is to remain in place, which in habitual residences currently cannot have increases of more than 2%.




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