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Proposal for booster shots needed to travel within the EU in 2022.

The European Commission today proposed that covid booster shots should be required for the EU residents if they want to travel to another EU country in summer 2022.


They state there should be a standard 9 month acceptance period for vaccines across the bloc, in an attempt to do away with a confusing mix of rules across the 27 member states.


The 9 month period reflects scientific advice that the first round of vaccines wanes after 6 months, adding 3 months to allow governments to get booster-shot programmes up and running.


Given most EU residents who were vaccinated received their final doses in the second and third quarters of 2021, their coverage would mostly expire by the middle of next year.


EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said the current vaccination coverage was 65% of the EU population.


It is expected any changes would also apply to non-EU travellers visiting the bloc. 


Under the plans, cross-border commuters, lorry drivers and children under 12 would continue to be exempt from travel rules, although the list of exempt groups has been reduced.


EU governments will need to approve the Commission recommendations. 



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