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Nordic tourists Canary Islands. Are they all the same?

Nordic tourists Canary Islands.

Do you group the British and Irish together?  Think the Germans and Austrians are much the same?  Cannot distinguish between the people from the Baltic counties?  Many people talk about the Nordic counties as one but do they like to do the same things when they visit the Canary Islands?

Let us take a look at information published by Canary Islands tourism for 2019.

Nordic tourists Canary Islands. Where do they stay?

Nordic tourists Canary Islands.

There is no doubt which island is the favourite for Nordic people.  Gran Canaria was the number one Canary Island destination for 61.6% of Nordic visitors.  The Norwegians are less likely to visit another island.  The Danish are more likely to try another island. 

Nordic tourists Canary Islands.

74% of all Norwegian visitors to the Canary Islands went to Gran Canaria.  

64% of all Swedish visitors to the Canary Islands went to Gran Canaria.  

51% of all Finnish visitors to the Canary Islands went to Gran Canaria.  

46% of all Danish visitors to the Canary Islands went to Gran Canaria.  

People from Finland also like to visit Tenerife.  39% of all Finns visiting the Canary Islands choose the Island for their holiday in 2019.

Tenerife share of Nordic visitors to Canary Islands.

Finland 39%.

Denmark 30%.

Sweden 22%.

Norway 19%.

Other Islands % of Nordics visitors to Canary Islands.

Lanzarote 6%.

Fuerteventura 5%.

La Palma 1%.

Who are the big spenders

People from Finland were not only the biggest spenders per day among the Nordics but they were the biggest of all tourist visitors in 2019.  The Norwegians spent the lowest per day but their stay on the Islands was the longest among the Nordics at an average of 11.2 days. 

People with an annual income over €74,999 who visit the Canary Islands.  

44% of Danish visitors.

42% of Norwegian visitors.

31% of Finnish visitors.

28% of Swedish visitors.

Spend per day

Finland €173.00 per day.

Denmark €160.80 per day.

Sweden €148.40 per day.

Norway €141.50 per day.

Accommodation preference

The Norwegians 37% and the Swedish 36% choose to stay in Apartments.  The Danish 38% and Finns 28%  prefer 4-star hotels.

A room only package is the favourite for all but mostly for Norwegians 54%.  Sweden 34%.  Finland 34%.  Denmark 33%.

All-Inclusive is preferred by 33% of Swedish.  32% of Danish.  18% of Finns and 14% of Norwegians.  

Return visitors to Canary Islands.

Norwegians 86%.

Finland 84%.

Swedish 82%.

Danish 77%.

We are all a little different but at the end of the day, we are looking for the same thing on holiday.  A good time.

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