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Lanzarote Covid Restrictions

Currently, Lanzarote is on Level 1 covid restrictions.


Lanzarote’s remains at Level 1 restrictions after today’s review meeting on the 21st of October


The 7-day covid rate went from 19 last week to 35 this week. 


Restriction levels are reviewed every Thursday by the Canary Islands Government. 


There are 5 risk levels indicators used to decide what restriction level each island is on each week. What is the current state of the 4 main islands risk levels?  Click here.    


Follow daily covid updates by clicking here.

Level 1 restrictions. 

  • Restriction on entering and leaving the island. No.
  • Restricted mobility at night. No
  • Gatherings of people who are not members of the same household. Maximum 12 people.
  • Hostels/bars and restaurants. Close at 03:00h. 
  • Sports facilities. Open. Maximum of 10 per group.
  • Collective transport. Running as usual.
  • Markets.  Open-air 100% and Inside 75% of capacity 
  • Local events. Yes.Nightlife. Open-air 100% and Inside 75% of capacity.
  • Nightlife/Club activity allowed until 04:00. 

The Canary Islands are providing free Covid insurance for tourists. 


1. Insured Party. Any passengers visiting the islands or moving between them by
plane or boat as a tourist, with their corresponding travel document or ticket,
during the period of insurance cover and with a reliable booking at regulated tourist
accommodation during that period, will be covered by this policy.

2. Tourist. Person who is travelling away from their usual place of residence for at least 1

3. Relatives: the insured party’s relatives will be considered to be their spouse, civil
partner or person who lives with them as such; ascendants or descendants to
any degree of consanguinity (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren) of
either partner; and, as regards collateral relatives, only the brothers or sisters, nonblood brothers or sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law, sons and daughters-in-law or
parents-in-law of either partner.


4.Territoriality: these insurance guarantees only cover Canary Islands. The insurance
company’s obligations end the moment the insured parties return to their usual
place of residence.
This is complementary insurance. The cover is only activated when the insured
party does not hold any other insurance cover that could cover this situation. Any
circumstance known to the insured party prior to starting their trip will be excluded.

1. Healthcare transport or repatriation of patients and wounded if they test positive
in a PCR test for COVID-19.
If the insured party has COVID-19, the insurance company will assume liability for:
a)The cost of ambulance transport to the nearest clinic or hospital.
b)Preliminary examination by the insurance company’s medical team, in consultation
with the doctor attending the insured party who is sick or wounded, to determine
the appropriate measures for the best treatment to follow and the most suitable
means for moving them to the most fitting hospital centre or to their home.
c) If the insured party is admitted to a hospital centre far from their home, the
insurance company will assume the costs of subsequently returning them to their
usual place of residence when they are discharged.
The means of transport used will be organised depending on the insured party’s
symptoms. When required by the seriousness and urgency of the case, they may be
repatriated in a special air ambulance if the patient is in Europe or Mediterranean
countries. For any other place, they will be moved by regular airlines.
In order to ensure that appropriate assistance is received, the insurance company’s
medical team will be in contact with the medical centre where the insured party is
being treated.

2. Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs if the insured party tests
positive in a PCR test for COVID -19..
The insurance company will assume liability, up to a limit of €4,500 (with an
excess of €100), for any incident resulting from the COVID-19 virus that happens
to the insured party during their stay on any of the islands in the Canary Islands
a)Medical and surgical fees and costs.
b)The cost of necessary, prescribed medicines for treating the illness covered by this
c)Costs of hospitalisation.
In order to ensure that appropriate assistance is received, the insurance company’s
medical team will be in contact with the medical centre where the insured party is
being treated.


3. Costs of lengthening the insured party’s stay at a hotel if they test positive in a PCR
test for COVID-19.
When guarantee 2—medical costs—applies, the insurance company will assume the
costs of prolonging the insured party’s stay at a hotel, after hospitalisation and/
or under medical prescription, up to a maximum of €5,000 and 15 days per insured
4. Transport or repatriation of parties who have died of COVID-19.
The insurance company will be responsible for all paperwork required at the insured
party’s place of death, due to COVID-19, and their transport or repatriation to the
place of their burial in their usual country of residence.
– The insurance company’s obligations derived from this policy’s cover end the
moment the insured party returns to their usual place of residence or is admitted to
a medical centre 25 km at most from that place.
– Any illness or wounds that occur as a result of any pre-existing, serious or chronic
illnesses with a risk of worsening that the insured party has, along with any
complications and relapses.
– Births or pregnancies, except for unexpected complications due tol COVID-19 during
the first seven months.
– With regard to transport and repatriation: costs of burial and funeral.
– If the insured party does not get the recommended vaccinations or medication prior
to their trip.
– All resulting costs are excluded from this policy when the trip that is the object of
this insurance is a SEA CRUISE.

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