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La Palma Volcano Eruption update.

Update the 02nd December.

There have been almost 1,000 earthquakes in La Palma in the past three days.


24 have occurred overnight.  The strongest was at 4.2 and at  11km deep in Fuencaliente at 05:14 this morning.  


Live TV feed of the Volcano. 


Update the 29th of November.


The main cone of the La Palma volcano has stopped emitting Lava. This also happened on September 27th for a few hours. It remains to be seen if this stoppage will be more long-term.


2 Earthquakes registering at 4.8 were recorded in La Pama since midnight.

Update the 28th of November. 


There were 50 earthquakes registered overnight on La Palma. 


45 were depths of between 10 and 15 kilometres, and five of them have been recorded at great depth, between 20 and 40 kilometres. 


Live TV feed of the Volcano. 



Update the 22nd of November.


Residents in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Breña Alta and Breña Baja are advised to wear masks as smoke from the volcano is blowing in their direction today.


Live TV feed of the Volcano. 

Update 11:45 the 29th of September.


Lava from the La Palma Volcano has begun to form a delta in the sea. 


People living nearby are advised to stay indoors and close all windows. 


Once the Lava hit the seabed it is still unknown what may happen next.

Update 09:00 the 29th of September.


There is a 2.5k security perimeter distance from the La Palma volcano in place to prevent possible respiratory problems for people.


Up to 50 meters of Lava has already flowed into the sea. 

Update 03:00 the 29th of September.


Lava from the La Palma volcano reached the sea ten days after the first eruption at 11 pm last night


In entered at Tazacorte , near Perdido Beach, north of Los Guirres Beach.


The contact with the sea caused intense fog and fumes of gases.



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