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Is the package holiday still popular in these Covid days?

January 2021 was the worst January on record for visits by international tourists to the Canary Islands. 

86,569 international tourists did turn up.  What nationalities preferred package holidays?  Who preferred to dine out?

Who likes to stay in hotels?

Package holidays booked by nationality.

Package holidays are preferred by 59% of all Nordic tourists. 

UK tourists were the least likely to book a package holiday in January.   92% of UK visitors did not book a package holiday.

Package holiday by Island.

Fuerteventura was the most popular island for Package holidays. 57% of all international tourists to the island booked a package holiday.

Tenerife was the island were Package holidays were less favoured.  Just 26% of all international visitors booked a package holiday there.


Who stayed in Hotels.

75% of all Nordic visitors preferred to stay in a hotel, and 56% of Irish.

Just 39% of UK tourists stayed in Hotels in January. 

There was a ban on flights from the UK in January.  Many UK visitors may have been residents who own their own property. 

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