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Interest in the Canary Islands increases this week.

Canary Islands interest increases.

In recent weeks some major tourist markets have removed travel restrictions for the Canary Islands.  These include the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The reaction in the last week has been mostly positive with online searches for flights to the Canary Islands up 174% v the previous week.

Data provided by Mabrian technologies searches in the 5 days from 22nd to 25th October for the Canary Islands. 

Total searches 142,722. Up 174% on the previous 5 days. 

The UK 63,894. Up 696% on the previous 5 days. 

Germany 38,140. Up 223% on the previous 5 days. 

British people are mostly looking at the island of Tenerife.  The most searches by Germans are for Gran Canaria. 

Canary Islands interest increases.

Current air capacity to the Canary Islands for November 2020 shows 1.3 million seats. 364,000 or 32% are from the UK. 84,000 or 7.5% are from Germany

Airline seats in November from the UK.

Jet2 169,879. That is up 13.62% v Nov 2019. 

TUI 61,339. That is down 21.3% v Nov 2019. 

Ryanair 58,779.  That is down 37.30% on Nov 2019.

Easyjet 53,790. That is down 18.90% v Nov 2019. 

Wizzair 10,800.  That is up 928% v Nov 2019. 

British Airways. 9,798.  That is down 25.71% v Nov 2019.

Canary Islands interest increases.

Airline seats in November from Germany.

TUIfly 23,814. That is down 70.84% v Nov 2019. 

Corendon 11,766.  That is up 27.03% on Nov 2019.

Eurowings 16,166. That is down 57,17% v Nov 2019. 

Condor 8,496.  That is up 88.98% v Nov 2019. 

Ryanair 6,804.  That is down 64% v Nov 2019.

Lufthansa 5,829.  That is up 223% v Nov 2019.

Easyjet 3,906.  That is down 33.6% v Nov 2019.

Wizzair 1,620.  That is up 100% v Nov 2019.

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