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In a bad year for the Canary Islands tourism, how much revenue did the Islands make in 2020? Who were the big spenders?

Tourism turnover € million.

Tenerife had the highest tourist revenue turnover in 2020 at €1832 million

Turnover 2020 € v 2019.

Lanzarote had the biggest % decline in tourist turnover in 2020 v 2109.  Down over 72%.

Turnover 2020 € million by country.

Visitors from the UK accounted for the largest portion of tourist revenue by country at 1204 € million.

Average daily expenditure (€)

The Nordic countries were the big spenders in 2020. They spent, on average €159.60 per day.

Average daily expenditure (€) by Island. 

Tourists who visited Gran Canaria spent the most per day at an average of €142.30.

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