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Homes sales collapse in January in the Canary Islands.

House sales fell by 52.2% in the Canary Islands in January 2021 compared to January 2020.

The Canary Islands had the biggest decline of any other Spanish region in January.  

The average fall in Spain was 15.4%.

Only 2 regions saw an increase in house sales in January.  Navarra +0.3%.  Cantabria +4.9%.

January 2021 homes sales by region compared to Jan 2020. Published by the National Institute of statistics. 

 Annual change
Cantabria 4.90%
Asturias -0.07%
Castilla y León-2.40%
Aragón -4.00%
Galicia -8.00%
Castilla -9.60%
Andalucía -10.10%
Cataluña -12.40%
Extremadura -12.40%
Valenciana -15.30%
Rioja, -19.40%
País Vasco -21.80%
Balears -28.50%
Murcia -30.40%

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