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EU, UK Covid certificates on equal terms.

The EU and UK have agreed to accept each other’s Covid Certificates on equal terms.


The European Parliament voted to approve yesterday. 


As a result of this decision, the UK will be connected to the European Union system and the NHS COVID certificates they issue will be accepted in the EU in the same way as the EU one.


At the same time, the UK authorities agreed to accept the community digital COVID certificate to travel to their country from any EU member state, according to the European Commission statement.

In practical terms, for travellers from Spain to the UK nothing will change as of now. 


The British embassy has said that for those who have only been partially vaccinated the position of the British Government is that it is not enough to avoid quarantine. 


EU visitors should be fully vaccinated. 


The agreement will make it easier for UK tourists to show their vaccination status when they travel to any EU country, visit bars, restaurants or any other place such as museums where they are required to be vaccinated.


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