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El Hierro Covid Restrictions.


Update Thursday the 23rd of March. 


The Canary Islands Government has confirmed today that all existing Covid restrictions will be lifted from tomorrow Friday at midnight. 


The following will now be allowed.


1. General capacity: It will be 100%, both in outdoor spaces and indoors.


2. Cultural activity: The capacity will be the maximum, regardless of whether or not it is considered a massive event, it will be 100% both in open and closed spaces.


3. Public shows: Cultural, recreational, leisure and entertainment activities, including sports, that take place sporadically and in places other than the establishments intended for the regular exercise of said activity will have a maximum capacity of 100% both outdoors and outdoors. in closed spaces, and regardless of whether the public remains standing or sitting, as well as the consumption of food.


4. Federated and non-federated, professional and non-professional sports practice: It will be allowed outdoors or in closed spaces, maintaining the interpersonal distance of 2 meters whenever possible.


5. Groups of people: There will be no limit imposed.


6. Health centres: Health centres will not limit capacity and groups of people.


7. Closing times: The establishments recover the closing hours by which they were governed before the outbreak of the pandemic and dancing will be allowed.


The ban on smoking on terraces is to remain for now. 


Wearing masks indoors and existing travel restrictions will remain.  These are national restrictions and the Canary Islands does not have the power to remove them.  The national government has the power to remove. 


The Canary Islands Government will review the covid situation again on the 30th of April. 


Enjoy your holiday on these beautiful islands. 

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