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Disappointment as the Canary Islands remains on the UK’s amber list.

In a massive blow, the Canary Islands did not make the UK’s traffic light GREEN  list.  The Islands are to stay on the Amber list.


The traffic list was updated today, the 03rd of June.


4,307,184 UK tourists visited the Canary Islands in 2019. 32.5% of all visitors. The UK is the most important market for the islands.


Portugal has been removed from the GREEN list.


Uk visitors in Portugal who return after 8 June would be required to self-isolate at home for 10 days.


The next review is due on the 24th of June, coming into effect on the 01st of July. 


Any arrivals from amber countries are required to self-isolate for 10 days at home.


They must also present a negative test before departure to the UK. They must also book PCR tests for days two and eight.


UK travel industry furious reaction. 


Travel expert Paul Charles.

This decision will further threaten tens of thousands of jobs in aviation and travel, not to mention further damaging consumer confidence. The data shows several countries should be green, so the government’s decision defies logic. Summer is being squeezed by a policy of fear.


Robert Boyle, an analyst for Gridpoint Consulting, said: “In theory, we know what is being measured and the data sources being used, as the government has published that.

“What we don’t know is what the thresholds are and how they get from the data to the decisions.

I think the truth is they follow the opinion polls.


Simon Calder, The Independent.  

The travel industry is bracing for more company collapses and tens of thousands of additional job losses. 


Countries added to RED list.


  • Afghanistan
  • Bahrain
  • Costa Rica
  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sri Lanka

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