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Covid Risk indicators by island.

Risk levels

Very high risk High risk Medium risk Low risk Normal risk

Risk indicators Level by Island

Island 7 day covid rate 14 day covid rate Covid in hospital Covid in ICU Test positive rate Current level
Tenerife Very high Very high Medium risk Medium risk Very high risk Level 2
Gran Canaria Very high risk Very high risk Medium risk Low risk Very High risk Level 2
Lanzarote Medium risk Medium low Low risk Normal risk Very high risk Level 1
Fuerteventura High risk High risk Low risk Normal risk Very high risk Level 1

19 thoughts on “Covid Risk indicators by island.

    1. Hi Ian. That is a difficult question for me to answer. What I can do is give you the numbers.

      The 7-day Covid rate in Fuerteventura today is 66. In the UK it is over 300 at the moment.

      The rates had dropped a lot in the Canary Islands since August and only in the past few weeks started to climb up again. The previous high for the 7-day rate was 296 in early August, so we are a long way from that high.

      As per the latest data, the Canary Islands has one of the lowest rates of Covid in Europe.

      I think in terms of the stats, there is a good chance that the covid rates in Fuerteventura are lower today than where you are now.

  1. Hi

    I love your work by the way. Thank you.

    Do you think its inevitable Tenerife will go to level 3 tomorrow. If not then next week?

    I’m due to fly out on the 23rd and couldn’t bare another lockdown as I got stu k in a hotel room for a week March 2020.


    1. Hi. Thank you. It is very possible that Tenefife could go to level 3. Level 3 is not that bad. Bars can for example still open until 2am at level 3. Capacity is a bit reduced but not dramatically. There has never been another lockdown like the first one you got caught up in. I think they will do everything they can to avoid doing that ever again as they really need the economy to get back to normal.

  2. Any live music and karaoke ? Is dancing still banned coming to Los Gigantes 7 January, will there be an update before then

    1. Some bars have live music. It depends on the size of the bar as at level 3 you can only have limited capacity. The larger bars are more likely to have. Dancing is still banned. There are updates a least once a week.

  3. Very useful information, thank you!

    With Level 4 just having been implemented on Monday in Tenerife, what’s likely to happen after this Thursday’s review? And at what time on Thursday will the outcome be announced?

    Trying to make plans and everything is hinging on Thursday at the moment! Lol!

    1. They very rarely change levels after just a week. There is no level 5 but they could always tweak level 4 if they wanted to. Key indicators now are hospital and ICU capacity. Normally the announce around 6pm but it can be earlier or later.

  4. Are face nm,asks required when walking in streets in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, ev en when distance to others are more than 1-2 meters?

  5. What’s your thoughts on travelling to Gran Canaria on the 27th jan 2022 with the new restrictions coming into play on Saturday . I’m unsure as to what the numbers are there in comparison to Scotland and if it is wise to travel ?

    1. Hi Lorna. I live in Gran Canaria in Las Palmas. Life is pretty normal here for the most part. Covid rates here are lower than in the UK but of course, you can catch the virus anywhere. Bars and restaurants can still open until midnight at level 4. Travelling or not is a personal choice you need to make. All I can say is I feel safe here.

  6. Hello, are swimming pools operating as normal, albeit with reduced capacity? Are hotels asking to book slots for the pool generally? Thank you for the updates.

    1. Hi,

      Anytime I have been in a hotel complex they were operating close to normal with just a few restrictions. Booking slots might be down to how an individual hotel would be busy but I have not experienced it.

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