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Covid rules in the Canaries weekly review.

So where are we with covid and restrictions after another week?


The numbers.


Last week there were 7,043 new cases last week. That was 11% less than the previous week. 


Covid in hospitals were 479. That is 17% fewer week on week. 


73 in ICU. 11% fewer.


The seven-day covid rate was 242. Down 24% v the previous week. 


Lanzarote 175.

Tenerife 196.

Gran Canaria 267.

Fuerteventura 292

After last Thursday’s review of restriction levels, there were no changes.


Tenerife/Gran Canaria level 4.


Lanzarote/Fuerteventura/La Palma/La Gomera/El Hierro level 3.


Although there were no restriction level changes, there were some fundamental changes to the actual levels. 


The significant change was to level 4Closing times for hospitality went from midnight to 2 am.   Also, the capacity allowed has been increased. 


Level 3.  

Capacity will be 75% outdoors and 50% indoors, the tables will be occupied by a maximum of 8 people, and the closing will be before 03:00.


Level 4.

Capacity will be 75% on terraces and 40% indoors, the tables will be occupied by a maximum of 6 people, and the closing time of the establishment will be 02:00.


For the tourist, everything feels very normal.   In my experience, many places are not observing capacity levels, especially indoors.  There are, of course, places that are.


The government has said it wants to de-escalate restrictions ASAP, so expect more changes this week if the downwards trend continues.  

From the 14th of February minors from non-EU countries aged 12 and up to 17 can enter Spain with a negative PCR test taken no less than 72 hours prior to arrival if they have not been fully vaccinated. 

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