Canary Islands weekly reservation

Canary Islands weekly reservations drop 40%.

Canary Islands weekly reservations.

As forecast, last week hotel reservations for the Canary Islands fell by 40% since last week.  The previous week had fallen by 19%, but the full extent of the UK lockdown had not trickled its way down into bookings by then.

Many parts of the UK will be in lockdown until early December.  Airlines that had added extra flights to the islands after the UK lifted their travel restrictions cancelled them again for November.

The Canary Islands has always passed a law requiring all visitors staying in registered accommodation to provide a negative COVID test before check-in.  The test must be taken less than 72 hours before arrival and will be in force from Saturday the 14th of November. 

Canary Islands weekly reservations.

Weekly hotel reservations in comparison to the previous week

Week 02nd of November to the 08th November. Hotel reservations processed by TravelgateX.

The Canary Islands down 40%. 

Madrid up 4%.

Balearic islands up 15%.

Catalu√Īa down 1%.¬†

Valencian region down 28%.

Andalucía down 41%.

Hotel reservations plunged by 40% for the Canary Islands.  Only Andalucia had a similar drop at 41%. 

The Balearic Islands had the most impressive performance with Hotel bookings up 15% on last week. 

Canary Islands weekly reservations.

Weekly Hotel reservations made in comparison to the same week in 2019. 


Week 02nd of November to 08th of November. Hotel reservations processed by TravelgateX. 

The Canary Islands down 70%.

Valencian region down 79%.

Andalucía down 86%.

Balearic islands down 79%. 

Catalu√Īa down¬†87%.

Madrid down 88%.

Hotel bookings for the Canary Islands are down 70% v the same week last year.  Last week they were down 49% on the same week, last year.  The Islands have entered the peak winter season.

The Canary Islands did better in comparison to other regions in Spain.  Although the Balearic Islands hotel bookings increased by 15% on last week they are down 79% v the same week last year.  

Canary Islands weekly reservations.

Regions share of reservations processed by TravelgateX 26th to 01st November. 

The Canary Islands 27%.

Andalucía 13%.

Valencian region10%.

Madrid 10%.

Catalu√Īa 9%.¬†

Balearic islands 7%. 

The Canary Islands received 27% of all Hotel reservations made for Spain last week on the Travelgatex reservations system.  The next best was Andalusia at 13%. 

Overall in Spain, 43% of all reservations were for 1 night mostly from the domestic market. 41% of hotel reservations were for between 2 and 5 nights. 

For more about the Canary Islands click here. 


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