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Canary Islands tourism June 2020. International visitors down 99% Are the Canary Islands on the rocks?

Canary Islands tourism numbers June 2020

Canary Islands June 2020.

I need to clarify a few things before I review how the Canary Islands tourism did in June 2020.

The Islands had just come out of a severe COVID-19 lockdown.  Spain reopened its borders on the 21st of June.  That gave just ten days tourists could enter the Canary Islands in June 2020.  

Most airlines that were interested in flying to the Islands decided to wait until July to begin their services.

The Canary Islands has to start somewhere in the bid to recover its important tourism market.  Ten days in June 2020 is as good a place as any to start.

International visitors arriving by direct flights

Hopefully, this is just the start of the recovery.  If the islands do not go back into COVID-19 lockdown, the following months can only be better.

In June 2019 956,088 international visitors arrived at Canary Islands airports.  In June 2020 just 5,016 international visitors arrived.  Down a staggering 99.5% year on year.  

The United Kingdom accounts for 1 in every 3 international visitors to the Canary Islands.  In June 2020 just 1,754 British tourists landed at the Islands airports.  Down a massive 432,607 or 99.6% v June 2019. 

The second-largest  visitor last year Germany had 1,497 tourist arrivals in June 2020.  Down 99.2% v June 2019.  No other international visitor country had arrivals over one thousand in June 2020.

Visitors from Spain did a little better.  30,148 arrived from the mainland.  Down 92.5% v June 2019.

Prices are down but will they stay down?

Eleven days in June 2020 is not a trend.  It will take a few months to see if the Canary Islands will use lower prices as a tactic to attract tourists back.  

We do however have some numbers for June 2020.

Occupancy levels for Hotels and Apartments in June 2019 was 71.42%.  In June 2020 it was 14.74%.  That is down 56.7% year on year.

Hotels had occupancy of 13.10% in June 2020.  Apartments did a little bit better at 18.36%

Canary Islands

Now for the part, most people will be interested in.  Prices.

The average daily price for Hotels and apartments in June 2019 was €73.05.  In June 2020 it was €58.42.  That is a decrease of 20% year on year. 

If you were looking for accommodation value Apartments discounted more than Hotels in June 2020.

The average daily price for Hotels in June 2020 was €70.39 down 12.9% v June 2019. 

The average daily price for Apartments in June 2020 was €40.78 down 21.9% v June 2019.  

The July numbers will tell us a lot more.  Will tourists return in significant numbers to the Islands as the year goes on.  What direction will accommodation prices take?  It is going to be an interesting journey as the Canary Islands tries to get the ship off the rocks.  

All comments welcome.

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