Canary Islands weekly reservation

Canary Islands reservations fall back on last week.

Canary Islands reservations fall. 

The previous week’s hotel booking report was full of good news for the Canary Islands.¬† Reservations made were up 88% in a week.¬† ¬†The UK and Germany had taken off travel restrictions for the islands.¬†

The good news did not last as on Saturday the UK Government announced a new COVID lockdown for England starting Thursday the 05th of November.  The UK accounts for one in every three international tourists to the Canary Islands. 

The Canary Islands also passed a law requiring all tourists to have a negative COVID test 72 hours before they can check into their accommodation.  This comes into effect for arrivals from the 14th of November.

Canary Islands reservations fall. 

Weekly hotel reservations in comparison to the previous week

Week 26th October to 01st November. Hotel reservations processed by TravelgateX.

The Canary Islands down 19%. 

Madrid up 5%.

Balearic islands down 39%.

Valencian region down 33%.

Andalucía down 33%.

Catalu√Īa down 20%.¬†

Hotel reservations for the Canary Islands fell by 19% on the previous week. The UK Government lockdown was announced on Saturday.  The full effect of this news may not be felt in this weeks report. 

Madrid was the only region to see an increase in Hotel reservations up 5% on the previous week. 

Canary Islands reservations fall. 

Weekly Hotel reservations made in comparison to the same week in 2019. 


Week 26th October to 01st November. Hotel reservations processed by TravelgateX. 

The Canary Islands down 49%.

Valencian region down 71%.

Andalucía down 72%.

Balearic islands down 81%. 

Catalu√Īa down¬†86%.

Madrid down 85%.

Hotel reservations made in the week for the Canary Islands v the same week in 2019 were down 49%. The previous week they were down 39% on the same week in 2019.  The islands did quite well in comparison to other areas.  The Balearic Islands hotel reservations fell by 81% v the same week in 2019.

Next weeks report will give us a clearer picture of any English lockdown for the Canary Islands.   

Regions share of reservations processed by TravelgateX 26th to 01st November. 

The Canary Islands 33%.

Andalucía 16%.

Valencian region 10%.

Catalu√Īa 7%.¬†

Madrid 7%.

Balearic islands 4%. 

The Canary Islands received 30% off all Hotel reservations made for Spain last week.  The next best was Andalusia at 16%. 

Overall in Spain, 40% of all reservations were for 1 night mostly from the domestic market. 14% of hotel reservations were for between 6 and 7 nights. 

For more about the Canary Islands click here. 


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