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Canary Islands cheapest accommodation.

Canary Islands prices 2020 and occupancy.

Canary Islands prices 2020.

Canary Islands Hotels/Apartments ended up 2020 with an occupancy of 49.56%.  That was down from 76.28% in 2019. 

Most of the business in 2020 came from Jan and Feb before Covid locks downs.  February was the best month in 2020 for occupancy with 80.23%

The lowest occupancy was in April at 7.96%.  The Canary Islands were in strict lockdown then. 

The best month after lockdown restrictions were eased was in August at 45.5%, but this was still down over 32% v August 2019. 

The key Christmas month of December had occupancy of 31.32% down from 76.28% in Dec 2019. 

Canary Islands prices 2020.

The average daily price for a hotel room 2020 v 2019. 

It may surprise many people that a hotel room’s overall average price in the Canary Islands went up by 3% from €94.77 to €97.64 in 2020.  How did that happen during Covid19 when only 3 months showed an increase and 9 months a decrease?

The overall average price is calculated by the number of rooms sold to the number of people paid for them.  January and February were pre covid crisis, so they were by far the busiest months.  January saw hotel prices go up by 1.7% and February by 2.8%.  December was the other month that saw an increase of 0.5% v 2019.

The islands reopened to international visitors in July.  

July prices were down by 2.4%.  August down by 6.8%.  September down by 5%.  October down by 13.7% and November down by 9.1%

There were offers to be had in 2020 but the number of visitors in these months were substantially down v 2019.

There is no data for April 2020, but it is safe to say numbers are down v April 2019.

Canary Islands prices 2020.

The average daily price for an Apartment 2020 v 2019. 

Apartment prices also show an overall increase year on year of 3.1% v 2019. The average daily price for an apartment in 2020 was  62.81 up from 60.41 in 2019.

Again this is slightly misleading with only the first 3 months of the year showing increases.  These were the busiest pre covid crisis months.  February had the highest increase of 5% from  62.81 in 2019 to  €66.09 per day in February 2020. 

All months after the islands reopened in July show decreases in apartment prices.

July prices were down by 2.7%.  August down by 2.1%.  September down by 10.7%.  October down by 12%. November down by 13.5% and December down by 13.9%

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