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Canary Islands new covid decree-law announced.

The president of the Canary Islands today has announced the Extraordinary Government Council of the islands has approved a new  Covid decree-law.


The law would protect any new Covid restrictions the islands may need to introduce in the future.


In the past few months, efforts to introduce curfews and covid certificates for entry into bars and restaurants has been rejected by local courts.


The new decree-law is seen as a way of getting around appeals to the courts by citizens and businesses organizations.


Details of what is in the decree-law 5 pages and 28 articles should be known soon, and it needs to be approved by parliament on Thursday.


Once the new decree-law passes through Parliament, all previous measures will be repealed. 


The decree will be processed as a bill, it will be modulated by the different government councils. It will arbitrate the different measures on each island, the Canary Islands President said.


The new regulations will maintain the current covid alert level system. 


The decree is not expected to include measures that affect fundamental rights, and have already been overthrown by the courts, such as using a covid passport for entry, or curfews.

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