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Canary islands

Canary Islands International tourists down by 90%.

Canary Islands International tourists.

2020 has been a tough year for Spanish tourism.  From January to September 16.83 million tourists arrived in Spain.  That is 67.1 million or 74% fewer than the same period in 2019.

The month of September did not show any signs of recovery.  International tourist arrivals to Spain were 87% fewer than Sept 2019.  

Tourist spending 967 million.  90% less than September 2019.

Things were slightly worse for the Canary Islands with international arrivals down over 90% in September v Sept 2019.

September 2020 v Sept 2019.

Spain down 87%.

The Canary Islands down 90%.

Madrid down 93%.

The Balearic islands down 94%.

Canary Islands International tourists.

France was the main international tourist market visiting Spain in Sept 2020, but French visitors were still down 34% v Sept 2019.


International visitors to Spain in Sept v Sept 2019.

France 389,773 down 34%.

The UK 161,889 down 92%.

Germany 90,495 down 93%.

Catalonia was the most visited region in Sept 2020 with 24% of the total with 267,064.  That was 86% fewer than Sept 2019. French tourists accounted for 45% of all international tourists to Catalonia.  The French border is quite near Catalonia.  

185,256 international tourists visited the Valencian region. Down 82% v Sept 2019.  France accounted for 42% and the UK 20%

Andalusia, with 179,214 international tourists.  Down 82% v Sept 2019.  29% were French and 24% from the UK. 

97% fewer international tourists arrived in Spain at the ports v Sept 2019.

92% fewer by Air.

79% fewer by Train.

53% fewer by Road.

Both Hotel accommodation and house rentals fell by 90% in Sept 2020 v Sept 2019.

The average spent by international tourist during their holiday in September was 849 euro.  That was down 22% v Sept 2019.

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