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Canary Islands Covid restrictions update.

Update Thursday the 23rd of March. 


Almost all Covid restrictions have now been removed in the Canary Islands.  


The only restriction remaining of interest for tourists is the need to wear masks on public transport and in medical centres.  


Other than those life is back to pre covid normal for now on the islands. 


Enjoy your holiday. 

34 thoughts on “Canary Islands Covid restrictions update.

  1. What are the chances of visitors from the UK being allowed in may? Does this mean no UK tourists until at least June?

  2. Does ‘New for level 3 and above, the retail sale of alcohol is prohibited from 8:00 p.m. and mass events’ mean hotels cannot serve guests after 8pm?

  3. Hi Pat,
    what paperwork is needed for travel to Malaga from Las P please?
    Passenger locator form? Vaccination Cert? Neg PCR test result? Antigen test result?
    Slán, Brian, P Rico

  4. Hi there. I have a holiday booked to feurteventura with jet 2. I can easily swap to Lanzarote. I was u aware of the levels when I booked. I’m travelling with kids and im pregnant so no alcohol sales late at night etc doesn’t bother me. Would you recommend swapping to Lanzarote. Due to travel 4 august. Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      It is so difficult to give that advice as things can change so quickly. The only thing I can say is Lanzarote is on level 1 and Fuerteventura is on Level 3. If there is going to be a curfew it will be on level 3 or higher but I don’t think 0030 curfews are going to bother you. Level 4 is the dreaded level and I think that is what people worry about. Lanzarote is further away from that. I am not saying Fuerteventura will go to 4 but level 1 is further away than level 3. I do honestly think the Govt wants to avoid level 4 if they can as it has a big economic hit. The govt has appealed to the supreme court to have a curfew for 3 and above. Its 50/50 if they will win or not.

  5. Hi, I just booked a holiday to Gran Canaria not realising the traffic light system’s were different. I’m wording what is the likelihood will change to better or worse in terms of restrictions by September? does the level of each island change much from week to week as I’m worried now!

    1. Hi. Levels are reviewed every Thursday by the government. They are reviewed by each island depending on their covid rates. I don’t know what Sept will be like, but it could also get better. Level 4 is the hardest level so far. Today at level 4, bars/restaurants can open to midnight. Shops and beaches are open. A lot of normal life goes on. Gran Canaria is currently on level 3.

  6. Currently in Tenerife on holiday, no bars are shutting at midnight and the staff have said that they are allowed to open till 2am/4am. It seems the only think being enforced is masks inside and that you have to stay sat at your table. Other than that, and it being fairly quiet, things are pretty much as normal.

    1. Thanks for the feedback JB. The official sites still saying midnight. There is a lot of confusion in the last few days between what the government wants and what the courts have said they can have. Level 3 and level 4 look much the same now.

  7. Hi. We are due to travel to Gran Canaria on 14th Aug. Are the restrictions bad? We enjoy live music and entertainment, is this still on? Many Thanks

  8. Hi there, I am die to go to tenerife on the 26th. Is it possible they can go into lockdown? Will we be able to get home if they do?

    Thanking you,

    1. Hi Kate. I don’t see any full lockdown. There was a full lockdown, but that ended over a year ago. There are restrictions, but bars and restaurants, for example, are open until midnight, so it’s not too bad. Tenerife are on Level 4 restrictions. Covid rates have been falling in Tenerife since the start of the month. The 14-day covid rate was 615 on the 05th of August. It is 350 today, so it is heading in the right direction.

      1. Hi Pat thank you for your reply. So if we have the digital certificate we should be okay entering and leaving tenerife? I was worried that we may not be able to leave or would have to take tests etc to be able to leave

        1. Yes, the digital cert is good for entry. It depends on where you are returning to? If Ireland the Digital cert is also ok. I think the UK have some different rules.

  9. Going to Fuerteventura on 25th September from Scotland. Resort is Caletta, is it easy to arrange a PCR test there or is there some other way you would suggest.

    1. Airport at fuerteventura is cheapest , €29.17 , anti-gen test ,just do nose , €40 in Caleta at clinicmed, think that is full pcr test , I seem to think . Was there in July, fly out on 28th September. Hope this helps.

  10. Due to go to Tenerife on 18th October. Kids love spending all day in swimming pool but have heard you can only do morning or afternoon in pools. Is this true?

    1. Hi. I have not heard that unless individual hotels are doing their own things. Maybe contact where you are going to stay. Covid rates are falling currently and hopefully things will be more normal by then.

  11. Hi I am travelling to Tenerife at the end of the month two of my family arnt vaccinated but will have a negative test do you know if they can still enter now they are in level 4?

    1. Hi. Depending on where you are coming from? If from the UK you have to be fully vaccinated. This is up to the 31st of Jan but could be extended. This a Spanish national law and travel restrictions have nothing to do with the level an island is on.

  12. Hi, Thanks for this information l! I am travelling to gran canaria in a week. Do you know if restaurants accept home tests or lateral flow tests for entry?

    1. Thats a good question and to be honest I don’t know. You would need to be vaccinated or have taken an antigen or PCR test depending on where you are coming from to enter Spain so I guess you will have one of them. These will do. My experience of living in Gran Canaria is not everyone asks to see them. I was in a restaurant in Playa del Ingles last night and was not asked. In 4 bars and one asked.

    1. Hi. The restrictions are really gone now. The government don’t update covid cases in the same detail it used to so we really are back to normal now.

      The only restrictions left at this stage are wearing masks on public transport and in medical areas. Everything else is as it was per covid.

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