Canary Islands COVID-19 update.

Canary Islands COVID-19 update.

Updated 26th November 2020.

New COVID-19 cases reported by the Ministry of Health on 26th November.

The Canary Islands 135 new cases.

Tenerife 96 new cases.

Gran Canaria 26 new cases.

Lanzarote 3 new cases.

Fuerteventura 8 new cases.

La Palma 0 new cases.

La Gomera 2 new cases.

El Hierro 0 new cases.

Todays cases share.  Tenerife 71.1%. Gran Canaria 19.3%.  Lanzarote 2.2%. Fuerteventura 5.9%%.  La Gomera 2.6%.  

Last seven days daily numbers.

November the 26th 135 new cases.

November 25th 152 new cases. 

November 24th Nov 120 new cases.

November 23rd 92 new cases. 

November 22nd 108 new cases. 

November 21st Nov 139 new cases.

November 20th Nov 116 new cases. 

Week 16th Nov to 22nd Nov 848.

Week 09th Nov to 15th Nov 805 new cases.

Week 02nd Nov to 08th Nov 993 new cases. 

Week 26th Oct to 01st Nov 649 cases.

Week 19th Oct to 25th Oct 1001 cases.

Week 12th Oct to 18th Oct 648 cases. 

Week 05th Oct to 11th Oct 881 cases.

Week 28th Sept to 04th Oct 1048 cases

Week 21st Sept to 27th Sept 1174 cases.

There were 848 new cases last week that was 43 more than the previous week. 

Total cases to date. 20,609.

Active cases. 4.258.  

The 14 day COVID incidence rate per 100,000 people reported 26th Nov for the Canary Islands was 77.60.

For more COVID information by island, click here. 

Canary Islands COVID-19 update.

Total COVID-19 cases to date.

The Canary Islands 20,609.

Gran Canaria 9,328.  The island has 40.2% of the Canary Islands total population and 45.3% of the total cases. 

Tenerife 8,612.  The island has 44.1% of the Canary Islands total population and 41.8% of the total cases. 

Lanzarote 1,385. The island has 7.3% of the Canary Islands total population and 6.7% of the total cases. 

Fuerteventura 892. The island has 5.7% of the Canary Islands total population and 4.3% of the total cases.

La Palma 213 The island has 3.9% of the Canary Islands total population and 1% of the total cases. 

La Gomera 109. The island has 1% of the Canary Islands total population and 0.5% of the total cases. 

El Hierro 69.  The island has 0.4% of the Canary Islands total population and 0.3% of the total cases. 

Canary Islands COVID-19 update.

Red and Greenlight system.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands has introduced a traffic light system.  If an island has an area with a cumulative incidence rate at seven days per 100,000 inhabitants over 100, the whole island goes to red.  Greenlight normal COVID-19 restrictions apply.

Redlight means extra COVID-19 restrictions.  These include Bars and restaurants closing by midnight. No new customers to be served after 2300.  No gatherings of more than ten people.

Current Redlight islands.


Current Greenlight islands.

Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Lanzarote, La Palma and El Hierro. 

Update 26th of Nov.

Tenerife has introduced new tighter COVID restrictions. Groups of only up to 6 can meet. Bars and restaurants must operate with 1/3 of capacity inside and 50% outside. They must close by 11 pm. The restrictions will be reviewed on the 10th of Dec.  Over 60% of all active cases are in Tenerife.

For more information about the Canary Islands click here.


2 thoughts on “Canary Islands COVID-19 update.

  1. if the Canary Islands covid rate is under 50 cases per 100,000 is it likely Canary Islands will be added to the new EU travel list when published in mid October? Or is it known if the new EU traffic light system will separate the canary’s and other regional areas from mainland Spain?

    1. Hi John. It depends on what they and who agree on the 15th. For example, my own country Ireland has been ignoring the rest of the EU or cherry-picking as it suits them. The Canaries will be looking to be treated separately to mainland Spain. The local press has been saying that Germany will re-open to the Islands if it goes under 50. Germany did treat the Canary Islands separately to mainland Spain before the recent spike in cases.


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