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British tourists Canary Islands. Just who are they?

British tourists Canary Islands.

The British are the most important visitor to the Canary Islands.  4,939,404 UK tourists stayed on the islands in 2019.  That is 32.7% of the total visits to the Canary Islands in 2019.  The Germans were a distant second at 17% of the total visits. 

So where do the British like to stay?

According to Canary Islands tourist report for 2019 Tenerife is the most popular island for British tourists. 

  1. Tenerife 1,970,270 visitors.  38% of the total visitors. 
  2. Lanzarote. 1,215,906 visitors. 19.2% of the total visitors.
  3. Gran Canaria. 658,499 visitors. 28.1% of the total visitors.
  4. Fuerteventura. 419,136 visitors. 12.6% of the total visitors.
  5. La Palma. 23,984. 1.8% of the total visitors. 

If you are British and like meeting up with other people from the UK on holiday then Tenerife is the island for you.  Almost one in four tourists you will see will be British.  If you prefer to avoid your fellow country people then maybe the small island of La Palma is the best option.  The British made up just 1.8% of tourists visiting La Palma in 2019. 

94% of British visited one of the islands on their 2019 holiday.  5% visited two Islands and 0.5% visited more than two islands. 

So who are the British visiting the Canary Islands?

British tourists Canary Islands.

The average age of a British tourist to the Canary Islands over the age of 15 years is 48 years old.  They are 57% women and 43% are men.

50% come with a partner and just 6% arrive unaccompanied.

60% book a package holiday.  The average for the Canary Islands is 56%.

The all-inclusive  package is the most popular option for the British with 41% of people.  The average for the Canary Islands is 35%.

4* Hotels are the most popular accommodation for 39% of British visitors. 

The average holiday stay was 8.46 days.  

The average daily spend was €141.30.  The average for the Canary Islands was €138.90

62% are return visitors to the Canary Islands. 

58.1%  spend their holiday money on Restaurants, Cafes and Bars.  2.6% in Museums.  

2019 was an excellent year for the Canary Islands in their efforts in attracting British tourists.  The British are by far the most important tourist for the Islands.  They were responsible for almost a third of all tourist revenue in the Canary Islands in 2019.

2020 will be a very different picture.   COVID-19 has had a significant effect on the Islands.  I am sure the Islands will recover over time.  How long will it take?  That is for another day and another report.

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