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A letter from Las Palmas.

A weekly look at life as an Expat in Las Palmas Gran Canaria. 


After a year of rolling it around in my head, I finally did it.  No more renting.  I sold my house in Ireland, and I will buy a place here in Las Palmas


It was a big decision.  I am coming up to 60 years of age, so I am saying Las Palmas will be where I take my final breath in life. 


I like Las Palmas, but will I like it with no escape plan?   That is the unknown for now but there is no going back at this stage. 


As I begin my search for a place to live, I am living with a friend.  He is in his 70s but has the energy of a teenager.  This week has been late nights and later mornings.  It is like living with a 76-year-old student.

The Bank.


If you want to buy property in Spain, you will need a Spanish bank account.  I took a visit to Banco Sabadell.  I was lucky that the person I spoke to was very helpful.  She also spoke acceptable English.  I did not want to have to use my less acceptable Spanish.  I have tried my best to learn Spanish, and for the effort, I have put in, I should be able to get a job reading the news on Spanish TV.  For now, I can get by with the important stuff, like asking for a beer.


What do you need to open a non-resident account?  You will need a passport—your tax number from your own country.  You also need to take out a medical plan. 


The medical plan cost 700 euro a year.  As soon as I buy a place in Las Palmas. I will try for residency.  Maybe I won’t need private medical cover then.  In the meantime, I will get a lot of medical checks in the coming year.  Maybe they will find something wrong with me but as a friend once said it is better to die of something than to die with nothing wrong with ya.


Covid Canary style. 


So what is it like to be in the Canary Islands during Covid?  For the most part, it feels very typical.  I have experienced restrictions in Ireland, but it is not the same here in the Canary Islands.  Life is continuing much as it was before in many ways.  Almost everything has been open for a long time now. 


Covid cases have gone up by over 200% in the past week.  So far, covid in hospitals and ICUs have not increased at the same pace.  It may be a lagging indicator, but the rise has been lower.  It will be interesting to see if that will continue. 

Gran Canaria went to Level 3 restrictions this week.  I have not seen a significant change in life here.  You can still stay in a bar or a restaurant until 2 am.  People here continue to follow the mask rules. 


I have noticed people have grown a bit wary of restrictions.  Indoor capacity at level 3 is set at 33%.  I have seen bars operating at 100%.  People have again started to smoke in some terraces even though it is not allowed. 


I am sure some businesses are just trying to survive and get out the other side intact.  There does not seem to be the same enforcement of the rules that there was previously.  I am sure it is covid fatigue on both sides. 


The Government has asked to make the use of Covid certs to access hospitality and other areas mandatory.  It has to be approved by the local courts.  Previously the courts have rejected this as infringing on peoples rights.   It is hard to see how the courts can support this based on their previous ruling. I think it is 50/50 as Judges rarely explain when they change their minds. 


The weather this week in Las Palmas has been perfect. 25c and cloudless skies. I would like to wish all that have visited my website a Happy Christmas.  Until next week hasta luego. 

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  1. Happy Christmas and welcome back ❤️!

    Any help you need concerning your residence here or property purchase I offer you my services. Best wishes Rita

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