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A weekly review of life as an ex-pat in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands. 



The beginning of the end again. 


Well, is this it? Have we turned the corner?  


Last week the Canary Islands had over 30% fewer new covid cases than the previous week. It has been a while since that happened. 


Both the 7 and 14-day covid rates had substantial declines last week.


Some people may be asking why in a week of good progress did, three islands see higher restriction levels.


Gran Canaria and La Palma moved up to level 4.  El Hierro moved up to Level 3.

I am no expert, but I have been putting together covid numbers for the Canary Islands for a while now. From experience, here is how I see where we are going now if a new variant does not appear. 


In previous declines, the first decline is the actual covid rates and the positivity rate. Then active cases followed by covid in hospital and ICU. 


Even though new cases fell by over 30% last week Covid in hospital and ICUs were higher week on week. 


This has also happened at the early stage of previous declines. 


It will take some time for lower covid rates to convert to lower hospital numbers. The good news is if covid rates continue to fall, it will happen.


Then we can all look forward to lower restriction levels soon. Once restriction levels start falling, they could go down to lower levels quickly. 


From the 01st of February, if your vaccinations have been done more than 270 days before arrival, you will need a booster shot done before you can enter Spain.  



I am three weeks now living on a ship in Las Palmas port.  I have to admit I’m enjoying the experience.

It is a working ship, so it is not like I am on the sundeck diving into a swimming pool.   I am not dining at the Captain’s table in the evening.  I am grateful to have a place to stay as my search for a new home continues.     


I am keen to put down roots.  I want to live near the beach area of Las Palmas.  It does not have to be on the beach.  Anywhere within a 30-minute walk on the flat. 


I am surprised by some of the asking prices of some tiny apartments near the beach.  I have had to check that I did not select Barcelona or Manhatten at times. 


Anyway, a few more viewings again this week, so let’s see what happens. 

Canary Islands prices 2022.


The Canary Islands received over five million tourists in 2021.  58% fewer than pre covid 2019. 


If Covid continues to become less of a threat, I see the Canary Islands recovering quite quickly.  I think anyone expecting cheap accommodation prices in 2022 will be disappointed. 


The last official numbers posted for November show that accommodation prices had increased by 18% v November 2019.    This has been the pattern for most of 2021, even when occupancy was at low levels. 


I can only see increased prices continuing as the islands return to normality in 2022.  It might be a good idea to book early.


To see the November price report click here

After a week of high winds and Calima, the weather has returned to normal again here in Las Palmas.  Sunny skies and warm temperatures are back. 


Until next week.  Hasta Luego.

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