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A letter from Las Palmas.

A weekly review of life as an ex-pat in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands. 

Covid in the Canaries.


2022 started with a bang here in Las Palmas with a fantastic fireworks display on Playa Las Canteras. 


A large crowd gathered to see the display. The restaurants on Las Canteras were full of customers. Myself included. 


The Government wanted to have a curfew from 1 am to 6 am, but the courts had rejected the request. 


The court had said the request was excessive and that contagion also happens during the daytime.  


I like there is a balance here between what Government wants and what the courts will allow. There have been a few occasions now where they have disagreed. 


I saw bars close when they had to at 1 am, and most people made their way home. There was a low key police presence. I did pass numerous house parties, but these would have happened Curfew or no Curfew. 


As 2021 drifted away, I thought about what I have been saying to others for a long time now. Despite Covid, life on the Canary Islands has been, for the most part, been regular in 2021 in comparison to other parts of Europe and the world.   The Islands have lived with Covid far better than most other areas. 

It’s time to sort things out. 

The Guinness supply crisis continues in the Canary Islands.  I feel I can no longer stand by and watch the suffering of so many people unable to have a pint of porter in the Canary Islands.

I have decided to personally try to sort out the crisis and I have made contact with the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister)

I have sent the below correspondence and I am very optimistic that I alone can sort this out once and for all.

An Taoiseach, Mr Micheál Martin, TD Government Buildings Merrion St Upper Dublin 2.

Dear Taoiseach,

I write to you today not only as an Irishman but a fellow Corkman. I want to inform you of a very critical situation in the Canary Islands that you may not be aware of, and I hope you can be of assistance.

For almost three weeks now, there has been a severe shortage of Guinness on the islands. A pint of the black stuff is as rare as cabinet confidentiality in your Government. Draft Guinness is now non-existent. The price of any remaining cans of Guinness has increased even more than inflation under your administration. Cans of Guinness have become the new Bitcoin on the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands has lived with Covid better than most countries, but that was when Guinness was in plentiful supply. Living with Covid but without Guinness is entirely different from living with both. Can you imagine what would have happened in Ireland if, during the numerous lockdowns, there was no supply of Guinness in the supermarkets? The very thought is of it horrendous. I would suggest that keeping the Guinness supply flowing was almost as crucial as the vaccination process. 

Well, Taoiseach, that very scenario is what the Canary Islands are facing at this very moment.  

As Ireland is currently is on the United Nations security council, I feel you have to help the Canary Islands and your fellow Irish citizens now stranded on these godforsaken 365 days a year sunshine islands.  

I urge you to, without delay, order to set sail a convoy of ships with a supply of Guinness bound for the Canary Islands.  

As a Corkman, I am more than happy if you send Murphy’s of Beamish stout, but for the love of God, please don’t send Smithwick’s beer.   Things are bad enough here.  

I hope I can return the favour should your retire to the Canary Islands when your gig is up at the end of the year ( possibly sooner)

Your trusted and loyal servant.

Pat O’Neill.

Time to get off the Couch. 


My search for a new home here in Las Palmas moves up a gear now that the Christmas holidays are over. 


After a stable week of sleeping on an airbed on my friend’s couch, I have, for some reason, started falling off the airbed at night and getting trapped between the sofa and an armchair. 


I have noticed that asking prices for many apartments here seem unrealistic. 


In most countries, people have an asking price, and a sale price can go up or down based on the market.


In Spain, I am beginning to think people selling a property think they need to get enough to buy a bigger home in a better location.  A new car and a holiday to the Caribbean.  


Let the battle begin. 

The three kings parade has been cancelled again this year over Covid fears.   


The parade is one of the biggest days in Las Palmas as thousands of children march through the city in their best action figure costumes.  Hopefully, this will be the last year it is cancelled. 

The recent run of great weather in Las Palmas continues with temperatures close to 30c on some days.


Playa Las Canteras and the El Confital area drew attracted crowds looking to cool down.  Tenerife over 100km away could be clearly seen through cloudless skies. 


All the best from Las Palmas.  Until next week hasta luego. 



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